who is politely, insane?



19 years closer to death and counting. Cancer baby. I been making music since I was a kid, I started playing drums when I was 8. Everything I think about is music. Depression still eats me alive, I still struggle. But thats why I want to bring my music to you. Every sound, Every second of my music is planned out and meant to teach you a lesson. Unless of course it's a banger, in which case disregard what i said, but not to the full extent. I was diagnosed schizophrenic 2 years ago. I should be dead right now. So, with every breath I can give and every inch of soul I can put in, I'll bring you music that is as high quality I can make it. If you love me, I love you. If not, I still love you. You'll warm up eventually..

Currently in the souf side of Jersey. Should be souf side in Atlanta, GA rolling blunts with my OG's. 

[Politely, Insane.] the syndicate till death. Love and be loved. I take pain, and make it beautiful. 






Kama comes from a suburb outside Philadelphia. He started making music at around the age of 11 playing pop punk music in his bedroom, but after a few months decided that being a guitarist wasn’t the life for him. Around that time he fell into a deep depression. With no idea who he wanted to be or how to make himself feel better he let it eat him up. He started having these shadows follow him around and a female voice in his head to coach him through his struggles to stay alive. Once he was in high school he lost interest in everything he loved. He stopped being himself and put on a mask so everyone would stop asking him questions. He fell into alcoholism at a young age. With nothing to give him purpose he decided to enlist in the army as an infantryman. Serving in the 4th infantry division, he was a machine gunner. After a few months even his purpose in the military was negated by a heart condition that took him out of the fight, so he ran to music production as a coping mechanism. He started rapping in August 2017 with his first project “The X Tapes”(a collection of xxxtentacion remixes) released on the 21st of that month. 2 months after that he released his first full length project “Understand.” After that he was discharged medically from the service, and was brought into the syndicate as a rapper, singer, and producer. He is still building his following, and honing his craft, but his potential shows. Be ready





Singer & Musician.